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About us

The Jack Badger team are a group of highly skilled craftsmen who have grown together over the past 25 years. Each team member shares the Jack Badger philosophy and prides themselves on their ability to create beautiful products for the home which will inspire for a lifetime.

The team have come on quite a journey together to reach where they are today; refining their skills and adapting their style to make stunning handmade craftsmanship accessible for every home and person of discerning taste.

In the beginning…..

In the beginning Dom, Ben and Rob, John and Adam; a combination of family and close friends started off with the objective of refining their skills by producing period piece reproductions so authentic and visually breathtaking it is hard to believe they were made in modern times. They have studied and practiced the methods used by master craftsmen throughout history and learned how to recreate and enhance these skills as convincing handmade carpentry and masonry fit for the finest period property.

They were quickly joined by Rob; an expert carver unrivalled in skill and able to produce breathtaking detail and style on wooden home products, and Andy an expert in finishes. His ability covering all aspects from French polish, traditional finishes and reproduction finishes from the finest pieces from period times.

They reside in a workshop in the English peak district; a location so beautiful it is hard not to feel inspired there.

The solid oak doors developed by the team are a particular source of pride. Developing and carving bespoke doors for some very impressive locations allowed the team to experiment enough to develop the two unique finishes, Classic and Limed, you can see on their solid oak ledge and braced interior doors available today. The oak ledge and brace style was first developed in the 16th century and is equally as beautiful and relevant in the home today. The advantage of a Jack Badger oak door is that once it has been made we believe it will last a lifetime. The team ensure every handmade door meets their exacting standards; they even personally source the grade of wood to ensure it adds both character and style to the home.

The middle bit…

The team reflected. A collective of people passionate about the skills they have developed and caring enough about their craft to know that they needed to pass their knowledge, skills and values on to future generations in order to preserve the handmade craftsmanship they spent so long resurrecting.

Jamie, James and Sam joined the team in resent years to start along the road Jack Badger began over 25 years ago.  Apprentice schemes are an important part of a craftsman’s heritage and the Jack Badger team are keen to preserve this tradition by ensuring the next generation of carpenters and masons not only share the ability to produce work of exceptional quality but also share the teams passion to create beautiful home accessories and finishing touches.

The story so far…

A growing team with growing products and finishes; whether traditional; heritage or contemporary the Jack Badger team apply the highest standards and quality to all their home products. Their history and ability to do the grandest of carpentry and masonry work leaves you in no doubt that they can also do the smaller handmade items flawlessly well.

(Not) The End.

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