• Carved Tracery Panelling

Curved Headed Oak Door,with Carved Tracery Panelling and Oak Frame

The design of this oak door has been developed to fit into an existing arched opening and is based on certain aspects of design from heavy traditional church doors, with slightly weightier carved cover laths and an intricately carved tracery pattern incorporated into the vertical planks of the door.

Due to the fact that the opening is so large we felt that to make a oak door the full size of our given aperture would be unnecessary and over the top whereas if we could give the illusion of it being one big door and actually have a smaller standard door sized section that opened in the center of it then this would help us to achieve the look we want whilst maintaining the functionality that it is someone’s front door they have to use every day and needs to have an ease of use element to it also.

We have developed the technical construction of our external oak  doors over a number of years using a number of factors which in turn lead to a very stable and aesthetically beautiful range of oak doors. We have found that the design we have achieved over the years in principal can be applied to a number of alternative looking  oak doors and yet still provide a door with the desired properties of an external oak door in our modern world. This door captures this point perfectly and shows that with a little thought on our part we can provide you with a door catered to your property.

When designing a product in natural materials its vital that the aesthetics and functionality of the product are looked at in equal parts because a beautiful product which doesn’t work as intended or a misshapen product that works fine is not what we want to achieve at Jack Badger. We create a range of products that are designed to not only look good but to work as they are intended also.

The construction of this specific oak  door is 30mm thick oak planks running vertically which have been applied to a 38mm thick oak mortised and tennon back frame the back frame is off set pegged together prior to applying the vertical planks. Off set pegging is where you drill all your peg sized holes in the mortise side of the joint and then dry fit your frame, once happy with all the joints you mark the position of all the peg holes onto the tennons, once disassembled you then drill all the holes in the tennons however you move them closer to the shoulder of the tennon so when reassembled, a peg with a thin tapered end can be driven through the hole and will pull the joint together tightly and hold the joint under tension ensuring little if no movement in the future. Once the frame is assembled and pegged together it gives us the base to secure our vertical planks to, initially theses planks are sized and fixed to the door in the center only, to allow for expansion and contraction of the timber the edges of the boards are secured in place by the cover laths which are secured to the back frame and allow the edge of the vertical planks to slide behind them preventing unwanted stresses and cupping within the door. The method of securing all the components together is a traditional method that we copied from an original 13th century door which is still solid to this day. It involves drilling a ½ inch hole all the way through the door and then inserting an oak peg with a larger square head at one end, once this protrudes out of the other side of the door it is then split using a specially made chisel across the grain, to prevent splitting the door rail, and a small oak wedge is then driven into the peg to tightly secure the components together. This method is 800 years old if not older and there are original examples of it still in good working order to this day so I think its fair to say it has stood the test of time. Once your property has a Jack Badger oak door I’d like to think it will last a good few lifetimes!

The technical design of the oak door has been achieved by using a good solid knowledge of timber and its properties along with a long standing eye for detail and trial and error using traditional methods and techniques that have proven to be successful by lasting for hundreds of years. If you decide to commission a Jack Badger door you won’t be disappointed and I’m confident it will add value to your property.

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