• oak carving

Oak Carving

The study of wood carving covers many aspects of carving itself whether carving a simple running band or an intricate figurine, t he same care, knowledge and masterful use of carving chisels is needed. It is said that the perfect age to set an apprentice to learning the art of carving is thirteen years, however because this isn’t acceptable in this day and age we use an very experienced woodcarver and he in turn is passing on his skills and knowledge to our apprentice in the hope that one day he will become the lead carver. A wood carver’s tool kit is the most important thing to him and is usually built up over a number of years and typically a good kit will have a selection of eighty to one hundred chisels and gouges. In the past carvers couldn’t buy chisels, they were all hand made by the carver himself and we have spent years searching for and buying old tools in order to have a worthy selection of chisels and gouges to use. Besides his mallet and chisels a carver practically wants nothing but a holdfast, screw and a pair of calipers. Then he is set up, and can go anywhere, and – if the ability is in him – do anything.  We pride ourselves on being ready to take on any challenge set by our client and achieving it to the highest standards possible. We feel that the level of carving and carving design we offer is rarely found in companies these days.

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  • oak floors

Oak Flooring

The modern way of manufacturing and laying oak flooring means that it is hard to find any oak flooring that is more than 200mm wide and also it is generally machined square and uniform. We can provide boards that far surpass this and can be up to 600mm wide full of character and style, as shown in the picture. Because we manufacture our oak flooring by hand it allows us to lay it in the traditional way so as to utilize the boards we have on offer, be that following the curve of a tree or alternating the taper of a tree to give you a beautiful hard wearing oak floor that will last for centuries. Using traditional methods we can incorporate at the customers agreement small rusty tin plates and wooden patches to secure the odd loose knot or split adding to the authentic feel. Rather than using the  modern way of laying oak flooring in coarsed widths, we lay our oak flooring in bays depending on the joists or length of the boards we have in stock. Not only does this allow the use of any length of board but it also ensures that you achieve a convincing period look and feel of an original oak floor. We have laid our oak floor boards on both concrete and wooden joists and it also works well with under floor heating.

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  • oak panelling

Oak Panelling

There are many styles of panelling available whether it be the early oak paneling that was beautiful and elegant yet oddly crude or the more grand painted Georgian paneling designed to wow and impress. We can help you to create the perfect impression within your room with the addition of some aptly designed and placed paneling. Depending on numerous factors like budget and attention to detail required we can be as in depth or cost effective as your project requires, from using a scratch stock to slowly scrape the moldings in to offset pegging to tighten the hand cut joints we have the knowledge and skills that are rarely found these days.

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  • oak window cills

oak window cills

Far from the oak window sills that you can buy from most retailers, our oak window sills are made entirely by hand from the hand planed finish down to the molding that is applied using traditional wooden molding planes, they truly are a beautiful addition for under your windows. As shown in the pictures our oak window sills are not made from engineered oak boards they are individually cut for each specific order thus allowing us to use the best of each board therefore enhancing the natural characters and beauty the oak has to offer.

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