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Timber Framing

We have been involved in numerous timber framing projects across the country and can offer a wide range of large oak or larch structures whether it is a lean to in your garden or a timber frame garage to house your vehicles. Using oak and larch offers very environmentally friendly products for timber framing. They are sourced from the UK and often only a couple of hours from our workshops conforming to our environmental policy. As we have our own portable saw mill this means that we regularly buy our timber for timber framing in log form and convert it ourselves with very minimal impact on the environment. On larger timber framing projects we often use experienced contractors for timber framing but all work is completed in line with our company ethos where timber framing is completed using traditional techniques. We have also built up an impressive collection of old timber framing tools some of which are very rarely used or even seen in the modern day. We have tackled oak repairs on listed buildings and numerous other projects including a heavily carved oak gazebo and large oak timber frames for garden structures. Having the added benefit of in-house masons and carpenters work alongside each other means that the projects we take on get achieved efficiently and smoothly.

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