• internal stone walls

Stone Clad Walls

Our masons have developed a way to convincingly clad your internal or external walls with stone to produce a fantastic effect; the aim is to have period looking walls throughout your home or even just a single wall. To produce the desired finish the stone wall is traditionally hand tooled and rubbed back by hand to give the soft worn appearance of original stonework. We have done a number of stone clad wall projects for various different clients and have also incorporated a stone staircase, together with a stone handrail into one and a fireplace into another. One particular project , which is shown here, involved, us creating two curved stone clad walls facing one another which had candle sconces carved into them and our carpenters even crafted a curved door to follow the curve of the wall, another example of the benefits of masons and carpenters working side by side.

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  • stone cooker hoods

Stone Cooker Hoods

This is a traditional style concept for the solution to a modern living problem. We feel that our range of stone cooker hoods which fit directly over your range offer the period look whilst also serving the purpose of housing the extractor unit and even lights if required. The design is based around the head and mantle shelf of a seventeenth century fireplace and then we have designed and incorporated some similarly aged corbels to support and help tie in the stone cooker hood. We can design a specific stone cooker hood to fit your kitchen in various periods and stones.

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  • stone skirtings

Stone Skirtings

Our range of stone skirting’s are the perfect way to finish off your room if you have had one of our beautiful stone floors fitted, They will match your room perfectly and compliment our stone floors in the best possible way. Not to mention how durable and easy to maintain they also are. The stone skirting’s pictured are made from a sand stone but can be made from a various stones including locally sourced grit stone, they can also have a variety of moldings along the top edge. The example shown in the pictures has a hand tooled finish and is rubbed back in a similar manor to our stone wall cladding to achieve a worn in period look.

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